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Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014 Release date: 2023-03-29 / Views: 81

From April 13th, 2014 to April 16th, 2014, Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. The Export Department exhibited all of our flat-panel TV exhibitions. Our LED TV series products have caused people's Concerned, favored by many new and old customers.

At this exhibition, our booth reflects the natural science and technology, design and our commitment to establish a first-class quality control and environmental protection system for the pursuit of health.

On the product, all products show our TV and advertising machine size, which is balanced and outstanding according to the performance parameters of the business market, and has won the attention of professional buyers; large size flagship HD, large screen, full canned It can bring more audible audio and video performance to users; Smart 3D TV attracts the attention of many customers with its elegant appearance and excellent product performance, and expresses a strong interest and reveals the potential purchase intention.

Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show is Asia's largest consumer electronics procurement activity, attracting many professional electronics manufacturers, traders and exporters from around the world to participate in a professional international trade platform. By participating in this event, we not only displayed our quality products, but also expanded our popularity, and at the same time gained the most cutting-edge market information in communication with professional customers and peers. The TV industry is a fast-growing market. High-definition, large-screen elements are the trend of the market. In the current fierce market competition, our company should increase and speed up the machines on the motor development, and at the same time, adhere to the quality-oriented, Enhance competitiveness and provide customers with the highest quality products.